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Liz Clarke

Liz Clarke

Who Am I?

A Producer, Director, Writer and Musician. Occasionally, I have been known to design lighting grids for performances. If I weren’t slowly losing my hearing, I’d claim a passing familiarity with the sound board.

What Do I Do?

I keep an eye out for opportunities to create and produce interesting performance events. To date, all of my events have been fundraisers for a variety of beneficiarie

I’ve been honoured to be associated with the Fundy Boy series of productions, written and performed by Bill Merryweather. Working through the scripts, directing and designing the lighting keeps me creatively limber.

Occasionally, people invite me to play guitar and sing. Very kind of you. A bit of dry Riesling usually goes well with that.

I do try to keep busy. The whole “rock star” thing didn’t pan out for me as my contribution to making the world a better place, so I do this instead. It’s a good gig.