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Liz Clarke started to play guitar at the age of eight. To be completely accurate, Liz started playing a four string baritone ukelele at the age of eight and quickly discovered a desire for the additional two strings. The very clearly notated chord charts in the Reader’s Digest Family Song Book can be credited for this, as can an older brother who encouraged this activity. He needed someone to jam with.

In high school, Liz signed up for all the music and theatre courses available, eventually winding up with 2.5 years on trumpet, 2.5 years on euphonium, and 2 years on violin. (She still can’t read bass clef, but please don’t tell anyone.) Liz also won the Jim Pincombe Acting Award for her performance as Catharine in G.B. Shaw’s Arms and the Man (1981) and then was recruited to stage manage and produce the next year’s musical production of Cole Porter’s Anything Goes (1982). In the summers of 1981 and 1982, Liz was also a performer with the professional children’s theatre troupe The Enchanters.

While completing her undergraduate degree at Brock University, Liz performed musically as a solo artist, as part of a duo, and as part of a band in various coffeehouses and angst-ridden young adult venues. While important to her growth as an individual and as a performer, these events are not particularly memorable to anyone but Liz.

During her time within the theatre program at Brock, Liz studied directing and stage design with Warren Hartman , directing, acting and script-writing with Peter Feldman , acting with Anne Hardcastle, and Laban technique with Gregson Winkfield. Liz had the privilege of working directly with Warren Hartman on the following productions: Colours In The Dark by James Reaney (1983 – Assistant Director); Ten Lost Years, a muscial adaptation of Barry Broadfoot┬┤s book about the Canadian Depression experience (1984 – Assistant Director and Musical Director); Yankees At York, by Terence Cox (1985 – Assistant Director), and Spirit of the West by Warren Hartman and Liz Clarke (1986 – Assistant Director and Musical Director).

Legends In The Living Room - November 2005

Legends In The Living Room - November 2005

In 1986, Liz graduated with a Honours Degree from Brock University, with a double major in Theatre Production / Dramatic Literature (English). She won the J.H. and J.F. Harding Award in Theatre and Dramatic Literature, award to the graduate demonstrating excellence in the pursuit of this double major.

Liz pursues her love of music and theatre as an adjunct to her full-time work in business and technology.